A Motor Maul is a high-amperage power supply designed to run any mobile or base amplifier, power tool, or other high current electronic device.

Our 200 amp maul requires two 12-volt deep cycle batteries. its battery bank is charged by your vechicle's stock alternator. The Motor Maul connects the batteries in series to provide a 24v dc supply. This 24v dc supply is then regulated to a variable output of 12-20 vdc for those wanting to ''volt'' their competition amplifiers.

Large electrolytic capacitors help maintain the current demand required by the device.

When you key your radio, the Maul uses an internal automatic-keying circuit to first disconnect the vehicle's alternator from the maul and isolate your vehicles delicate electrical system. As soon as you un-key your radio it automatically reconnects the alternator to the maul to recharge your battery bank, ready for the next time you key up.

These units comes with a lighted remote control with variable voltage knob and analog voltage meter.

** 400 amp versions require four 12v dc batteries.

How Do I install a Motor Maul?

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Straight 8 pill 600 birds 1400 PEP 400 amp Motor Maul